Sex and the Single Woman.

Aunty Jane

Aunty Jane

Hello, dears!

Before you read further I would strongly recommend that you quickly pop over to my ‘About’ page.This will fill you in on all the details of what this blog is about.

I have been paying close attention to some of the lady bloggers and many appear to be single and currently stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to the opposite sex. Or rather stuck without a hard place.

Being a former Health Columnist, I put this lack of, activity all down to vegetables.

images (7)phallic vegiesimages (9)images (8)rabbit carrot

If you are not getting enough then you are not getting enough.

So the next time any of you single ladies out there are entertaining a male friend, or having him for dinner, make sure he gets lots of vegetables. Here are a few of my favourites to ensure he will get the hint.

These are ideal, because if he is a “No Show” you still get the benefit of all those wonderful vitamins and minerals inside you.


Bye for now.

Love, Aunty Jane.


12 thoughts on “Sex and the Single Woman.

  1. Sonel

    Oh, I love veggies and especially bananas. Great post Aunty Jane! I am sure all the single ladies are busy cooking for their loved ones today. 🙂

  2. gipsika

    Dear Auntie, Arkenaten suggested I come to you for some advice regarding my bottom bar as this seems to fall into your field of expertise.

    I’m trying to turn part of my bottom bar into a side bar. The colours are all wrong. Currently I don’t have a side bar and my main colour is white. In some places I have some blue, especially the head, but The Ark suggests more colours and more interesting features. My bottom bar does have some eye-catching red bits, as well as orange, blue and green (mainly the writing on the wall).

    What I don’t really understand though is how it relates to your main line, which I thought was vegetables?

    1. areuamilf2 Post author

      To be honest, I am as baffled as you, dear.
      My late husband,Bert, had a bottom bar. It was in his large garden shed on his allotment and he would often stop over for a beer – he made his own home brew- after an afternoon spent digging his vegetables or after a round of golf. The course was right next door. In fact he passed away in his shed,poor man.
      The home-help was with him when he died of a heart attack while she was polishing his wood, or whatever they call those golf stick thingies.
      If this is not the type of bottom bar you are talking about then all I can think of is Max Mosely. He had a thing for bottom bars. And if all else fails, dear, try a cold shower.

      Thank you for popping by.
      BFN Aunty Jane x

      1. gipsika

        Dear Auntie, thanks for giving your time and thought to my conundrum. I’m a bit scared to try a cold shower as this cools down the motherboard a bit too much and I don’t think the problem lies in the hardware. Your suggestions that you gave over at my place sound very good; I’ll try some of those.

        1. gipsika

          OHM, I didn’t realize Auntie was your mother! Yoh, she doesn’t look her years at all! How did her skin survive the mummification process so nicely? Got to get her secret!


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