Brazilian or Bush?

This is definitely not a topic  we would have discussed at the dinner table only a few years back, now is it girls?

Well, times change and and so does fashion. And fashion touches every area of our lives, does it not? And ‘touches’ may be the appropriate term here.

These days it is perfectly acceptable to say, “I’ve had a Brazilian,”

I’ll be very honest I had never heard of the term ‘Having a Brazilian’ until  Berenice mentioned it over lunch the other day. She obviously realised from my expression that I wasn’t familiar with this area of  women’s health and was not only willing to tell me all about her Brazilian but offered to show me as well. Good grief!  These young girls!

I politely declined. As I mentioned before, I am Old School, and this did not seem appropriate,  and certainly not at the dinner table. I mean, Jeremy was with us for heaven’s sake and was almost salivating at the prospect.  This didn’t go down well with Jeremy, as you can imagine, and he stormed off in a sulk.

If I were to venture any sort of opinion on this  rather delicate topic, I would venture that most ladies of my generation would opt for ”Bush”, as the alternative and somewhat crude term is referred to by the modern generation.

However, I am sure there are merits for the newer cleaner look of a Brazilian.

You look at the photos below and and let me know what you think? Are you a ”Bush” girl or a Brazilian?”















I think I prefer a nicely trimmed George Bush.

PS. Berenice told me the name of her Brazilian is Carlos, and she had him for dinner last Wednesday. I was quite relieved, I can tell you. Jeremy has asked for his autograph, as he is apparently a footballer.

BFN Love Aunty Jane. x


10 thoughts on “Brazilian or Bush?

  1. Sonel

    Just like you I am “old school” and do prefer a nicely trimmed George Bush. Poor Jeremy, you are always spoiling his fun! LOL! Have a great day Aunty Jane. 🙂 *hugs*

    1. areuamilf2 Post author

      I am all for my mod cons, dear. What would we do without our special appliances, like the TV remote or our vibrating cell phones, but although grey these days,a Bush still has some old world charm I believe. Just like the older one had.

            1. areuamilf2 Post author

              My sister, Daphne, was in the United States a few years ago. We sent her on one of those coach tours for the Single and Over Fifties. It was a way for her to get back ‘out there’, as you younger ladies say,after her husband Nigel, passed.
              Anyway, she recounted over dinner one evening that she had a close shave with a Bush during election time. Well, I am fairly sure she said it was an election. She was eating a chocolate biscuit at the time.


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