Aunty Jane

Aunty Jane

Hello and Welcome!
No, this isn’t a Jeremy Clarkson impersonation or anything to do with Top Gear, although there may be one or two posts about motoring later on.
This is a brand new blog all about health and sex issues especially for women.
Although, men could probably learn a thing or two from reading it as well.
My name is Aunty Jane.
For those, who may know me from my days as a World Famous newspaper columnist I prefer not to reveal my true identity and am under Express orders to keep quiet.
We will be discussing a wide and varied range of health and sex issues and I am always open to suggestions.
Of, course, when I say open to suggestions, I mean in a journalistic sense, of course, so please don’t go sending me invitations to parties hosted by fans of Max Mosley. At my time of life I don’t believe I could whip up enough enthusiasm.
So what topics do we have planned?
Well, there will be one on why ladies actually should keep fresh underwear in the glove compartment of your car.
Another on the benefits of getting some banana inside you first thing in the morning.
And for those ladies not quite up to speed with current computer terminology, I will have help from my young grandson, Jeremy, to make it easier for us girls to navigate across the Interweb.
In fact, only yesterday, Jeremy was kind enough to explain what the acronym MILF stands for and I will be doing a full post on this heart-warming topic.
He has also promised to explain such terms as Reverse-Cowgirl, although I can’t possibly imagine why he would think I would want to do a post on cowboy ranching?

So, welcome aboard, Ladies!
Interweb journalism is a new thing for me, but I feel confident we can all learn something and have fun doing it.
Bye for now. And remember. Laughter is the best medicine.
Love, Aunty Jane.
Disclaimer: Don’t try this at home it’s probably for entertainment purposes only.


6 thoughts on “About

  1. Sonel

    Oh, what a bummer! I already had quite a few invites here that I would have liked the two of us to go to, but oh well, I am sure we will find something to do. You certainly have quite interesting topics here that would help quite a few gals and guys. Thanks for the smile and have a great day! *hugs*

  2. TheGirl

    I wrote an article called DirtySEX a few weeks ago, that does just that. Talks about the myths and misconceptions around HIV and STDs. I hope you come take a look. Great background, though maybe you should have gone with the veggie pics!

    1. areuamilf2 Post author

      I shall most definitely toddle over to your blog, dear.
      My grandson, Jeremy, set up my blog, dear. He says these neck massagers are all the rage with women these days. Though I don’t own one myself, I think they look very pretty. Would you have preferred cucumbers, dear?
      BFN .Aunty Jane x

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